As of right now, we are not sure we will be able to continue to play at the Howard County Community Collage gym.  Their office of risk management is requiring all renting organizations to increase the liability levels for insurance.  Apparently, the insurance requirement that was originally stipulated was not the standard requirement.  They have a new person in charge of the rental program and they are insisting we raise our liability coverage.  At the moment, it appears to be an $900 increase.  The board decided that was too much to pay for the small number of days we would be using that facility.  Our deadline for providing this additional coverage is today.  I have made a request for an extension to this deadline and asked if we could play this coming Sunday.  I am still waiting on their response.  If they do permit us to play this Sunday, I will send an email out with a doodle looking for approximately 10 people to fill out the roster; otherwise we will have to discontinue the session and I will refund the unused money paid by the members who signed up for the full number of sessions.  I'm continuing to shop for a less expensive insurance policy but so far I have not come up with any.  If any of our members is aware of an insurance alternative, please let me know.  So, stay tuned and I will let you know the outcome of this situation once I know more.

Regards,  Earl

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