Good Morning Pickleballers,

Are you ready to hone your skills and have fun this Spring?  Well, Let's play!

The venues for play are the same, but the type of play has changed:

  1.  The Ladder League will start on Saturday March 30 at the Locust Park Courts.  You must sign up for a time slot to play which you can do on the HCPA website - look for 'Leagues' on the tool bar and click on it to find the Doodle to sign up.  Also, you can sign up to be a substitute during the time slot(s) that you're NOT playing.
  2. Open Play at the Ice Rink at Oakland Mills.   We are looking for volunteers who are not playing in the Ladder League at Locust Park to set up the nets at the Ice Rink starting at 9:00am .
  3. Howard County Pickleball Association will hold a doubles tournament for
    Men's on Sunday, March 31st
    Women's on Sunday, April 7th
    Mixed on Sunday, April 14th
    Players must be current members of Howard County Pickleball Association
    Start time will be promptly 2:00pm   Warm up available at 1:30pm
    Location:  Locust Park
    Round Robin:  16 teams max per event.  Game length to be determined by number of teams entering.  Teams progressing to semi-finals and finals.
    Sign up with a specific partner, use registration form below.
    Cost $10.00 per team
    If you would like to assist - please let Joe Beitz know at

     or cell - 240-484-9232

    To register use the following google forms.  Please have one person sign up and provide your partner's name, email address and mobile phone number.
    Women's Doubles:
    Men's Doubles:
    Mixed Doubles:
    Thanks, Rob

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