We have been very fortunate over the last several months that CA's Owen Brown Tennis Club (OBTC) has allowed everyone access to their pickleball courts by leaving the nets up and the courts open.  It is our understanding that they intend to open the Tennis Club office come April 1st sometime in the morning, likely from 9am to 12 noon and then from 4pm to unknown.  This provides a window of opportunity for the community to have access to the pickleball courts from Noon till 4pm; similar to what we have experienced over the winter.  Given this and the advantage of not having to get volunteers to setup courts during the week, we are planning to establish our weekday play sessions as Monday though Friday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm rather than Tuesday and & Thursday mornings like we have done in the past.  This will begin the week of April 1st.  CA members are welcome to come earlier since they don't have to pay any fees.  We anticipate this to be a "spring thing" and when the weather gets warmer we will likely move our play times to morning sessions at the Ice Rink courts.  But until then, we look forward to gathering at the OBTC courts on weekday afternoons.

To assist in this change, we are proposing to provide a weekly doodle that will allow our members to designate the days they intend to play.  If we all participate in this, it will help our members get an idea of who may be in attendance on which days.  Given that we are switching from two weekdays to five and our times are changing, this should help folks get a feel for who plans to be there. No guarantee's, since people's plans change but at least we should get an idea of who is hoping to play and when.

This doodle will be posted on the website under the Members tab, labeled "Weekday Play".  In this way, only our members can both see the doodle and add to it.  This approach will eliminate weekly emails, allowing members to view and update the doodle on demand.  We will also post when we are playing within the Local Places to Play so that any other non-members are welcome to join if they so choose. 

Over time, we may see some days having more players than others and can respond to this as needed.

Given this is a new way of playing, feel free to let the board know if you like or dislike this approach.  You can talk to our board members or use the contact page on the website.  Your feedback is appreciated.



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