Next week will be our first week of indoor PB within the elementary school gyms we have reservations for.  We have one gym at Swansfield Elementary School gym for Monday and Thursday and one gym at Centennial Elementary School gym for Thursday.  All sessions will be from 7pm to 9pm with a half an hour prior and after for setup and take down.  We have two volunteers for each school to coordinate and manage the sessions.  Please assist in the setup and take down to make this go quickly.  With only one court to setup, we will need to build the net, lay the tape lines and setup the rotation system.

We are limiting each night's participation to 8 players per session which with the two volunteers makes 10 players for a night.    This should give everyone several games that evening without having to wait too long for a game.  We are requesting members to only sign up for one weekday evening per week to give as many members as possible a chance to play during that week.  A sign-up doodle will be posted by Friday morning to open identify who will be playing at the schools. If you sign up and find that you can't make it, please update the sign-up doodle or find a substitute so we can ensure we have players.  Members can then check the doodle that day to see if there's an opening to sign up for.  If we don't have a minimum of 4 players signed up by 4pm that day, it will be at the discretion of the coordinators to decide if they hold the session that evening or not.

We could offer one more night, a Wed. night, at Swansfield if we have two volunteers to manage the session.  Contact Earl ( if you would be interested.

Remember should schools be closed due to bad weather, there will be no activities at the school for the day.  When in doubt, check the Howard County Public School System website ( for confirmation.

Here's the signup doodle for this coming week:

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