Summer leagues will be played on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm, at Dill Dinkers in Columbia, MD. Each
league session will have 16 teams each, each session comprised of 32 players. Teams can be comprised
of Women’s, Men’s or Mix doubles. Each session will be 7 weeks long with 6 weeks comprising a regular
season while the 7th week is reserved for a session ending, double elimination tournament. The top 8
teams in each of the sessions regular season advance to the session ending tournament.
Teams of four players in addition to the standard two-person teams are permitted in the league,
provided each team buys at least two league tickets. This aims to enhance the league experience and
provide even more flexibility for our participants. The four players on a team now have the option to
mix and match their participation. On each league date, there will be four games scheduled, allowing all
four players to play together if desired. Alternatively, the players can split their attendance, with two
players participating on one league date and the other two players on another date. This flexibility
empowers teams to adapt to their schedules and maximize their playing opportunities throughout the
seven-week league. Players should enter their teammate(s) name in the registration form. HCPA may
also open the league to individuals to be paired by HCPA if not enough paired entries register.
For each session, 4 games are played each Saturday for 6 weeks of the regular season, each game is 15
minutes in duration, highest score wins, Ties are allowed, Scoring is 3 pts for a Win, 1 pt for a Tie & 0 pts
for a Loss.
For the first summer session, registered players are self-rated with ratings between 3.5 & 4.25. Use the
registration form below.
Registration for the second league session will open later. 
Unless there are extenuating circumstances, for regular season games to count in league standings and
to also participate in the session tournaments, individual teams can substitute one player, not two
players. There is no additional cost for substitute players.
For HCPA members, the cost per session is $110 and registration is via the mobile app: Team App.
For non-HCPA members, the cost per session is $140 and registration uses the following form.
The primary coordinator for both sessions will be Ash Deshpande.

Non-Member Registration

2023 League Non-Members Payment

Fill in the form and complete payment to register for league.

Fee: $140.00