At this time we only have 15 out of 24 open slots for Saturday morning at Lake Elkhorn Middle School on Cradlerock Way.  Hopefully more people will be registering and showing up.  Please use the doodle to register.  This session will move forward even if we don't get have full attendance.  Subsequent weeks may be impacted by the registration list.  Be sure to dress warmly, the gym may be cold since we didn't purchase heat for the facility; that was an extra charge.  This is the first time for this venue so I'm hoping we can try it out and see how well it works for the winter.

We are also looking for member players for Monday & Thursday nights next week at Bryant Woods ES and Burleigh Manor MS.  Our numbers of participants is limited so please only sign up for one night.  Please register via the following Doodle poll:


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