Play with your grandchild (or child) on National Grand Parents Day - The Columbia Association and the Howard County Pickleball Association are jointly sponsoring this event on National Grandparents Day Sunday, Sept. 8th from 4-7 pm. Everyone is welcome regardless if you are a CA member. Let's make this a great way to have some fun with young people and promote youth pickleball. We are asking our members to fill out the Doodle below to let us know you are coming.  

HCPA Attending Grandparents PB Event

To register, contact the Owen Brown Tennis Club office.  See the CA Flyer for further details found either under the Assoc. News heading or by using the following link:

CA Flyer for Play with your Grandparent

Reminder - PB Potluck Social This Evening - Come out and join your fellow members at the Owen Brown Tennis Club for some finger food, Pickleball and socializing.   As of now, the weather says there's only a 30% chance of storms around 7 pm so lets keep our fingers crossed it bypasses us.  Sonny Tannan asked me to mention that construction on the lights was still ongoing and may impact some of the courts.  We will be lining at least 3 or 4 PB courts on the adjacent tennis courts provided they are unoccupied.  We are bringing the nets and painter's tape to set them up.  CA has provided marks to make the setup of these courts with our portable nets easier.  

Due to the weather - lets get an earlier start, say 5 pm.  It will be hot but that doesn't seem to stop us.  We will go till dark or till it rains.  If the weather appears to be uncooperative earlier than expected - I will post a status update to the top of the home page on our web site.

Please bring some kind of appetizer, salad, entree or dessert to share and bring with you your preferred beverage.  Please remember to grab your food around 8:15 pm to make our clean-up effort go easier for our volunteers.

We are considering assigning one court as a challenge court and have it's own white board to manage the desired players.  The rules of the court will be, if your team wins, the pair can stay on the court for up to 3 games, playing another set of two players.  After 3 wins both teams will vacate the court for the next four who signed up.  If you decide to play on the other courts, please cross your name off so our coordinators won't be looking for someone whose not available to play. The setup of this court will depend on the number of attendee's and the number of courts available to us.

We will be having a white board setup for the other courts. Sign you name in an empty square to the left.  Hopefully, this will make finding people who need to go out next easier.  We will have a coordinator initially monitoring the board to help get this new process started.

There will be no drop-in sessions at Locust Park this evening.

Thanks for all your assistance and patience in helping to make these social events run smoothly.

HCPA Fall Tournament - Did you forget about the upcoming Fall Tournament?

There is still time to signup. 
Get a partner and signup for the fun. The first three are for the Intermediate & Advanced players and we are offering a special fun tournament just for Ice Rink player (novice to intermediate) only on the last date. 

Woman - Sept 7
Men - Sept 14
Mixed - Sept 21
Ice Rink - Sept 28

Send your team info to both:
Joe Beitz -
Steven Orr -

If anyone would like to volunteer some time to help work on the upcoming 4 tournaments this September scheduled for 1 pm to 3 pm - please email Steve Orr & Joe Beitz to let them know which days you would be available to volunteer.
Monday Evening at Chapelgate Christian Academy Gym - Thanks to all who participated in the doodle poll, there is definitely an interest.  We are partnering with the Chapelgate Presbyterian Church to setup Picklball drop-in sessions on Monday evenings.  They are offering the use of their gym and we are managing the evening sessions and offering their congregation lessons.  We will be starting this on Sept. 9th from 7 pm to 10 pm.  This will run till sometime in December; the exact date is yet to be determined. It appears we can setup four nets in the gym.  Given this we will be using a weekly sign-up doodle that will be published to our website a few days prior to the session and we will announce the approximate day and time when it will be posted.  We will be limiting the number of players per session to avoid long wait times.  One or two Monday's per month we will be designating two of the four courts for instruction for the host's congregation members interested in learning more about our sport. If we have four courts we will limit the sign-up to 24 players and if we have two courts the limit will be 16 players.  The doodle will be a first come first serve setup, locking down the doodle once the total has be reached.  More details to follow as we get closer.

PB Potluck Social Scheduled for Thursday 8/22 - Our association is planning another PB Potluck Social this Thursday, weather permitting, from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  The weather appears to be questionable due to predicted thunderstorms but we can't go by that so we are planning on having it on Thursday.  Unfortunately, we have no one from the board to cover Friday as a backup date so if the weather cancels it, then it's cancelled for this week.  See the top of the web page for an announcement the day of - posting around 4:30 pm.  

We are planning to use a large white board with squares for peoples names as a new method for handling the court rotations.  In this way, people will know who is up next rather than searching for the owner of a paddle.  This should also reduce the manual effort of moving the paddles.  Folks can write their name down in the next sequential open square - going from top to bottom and left to right.  Once 4 people go to the court, their names will be crossed out.  The squares will be filled up and when the next column is full it erased.  This should allow people to fill in four names in a blank square if their is a desire to play together.  This should also help novice players to play together. Please note that even if a full square is available and there are two people listed in the square before them, the two need to go on the court prior to the four listed. Hopefully this will make the court transitions go smoother.  We should have someone managing the board to facilitate the rotations at the beginning of this new system.

We are working with CA to provide some additional PB courts on any available tennis courts adjacent to the PB courts.  We hope to lay the lines down on some of the tennis courts to offer more than 6 PB courts - it will depend on the availability of the tennis courts for that time period.

Please bring some food to share and place it in the small room at the top of the stairs.  Please remember to bring your preferred beverage as well.  Please try to pickup your food offering between 8:15 pm and 8:30 pm otherwise we will have to either trash it or offer it to someone else to take.  It's much easier for us for you to take your offering.

Please remember to move off the court after your finished.  This will give others the opportunity to play on various courts.

PB Social Pictures - we have modified our photo menu and added a photo slider for the previous PB Social on 8/8.  Thanks to Michael Smolyak for contributing these wonderful pictures of the various games and social times.

Delaware's Diamond State Pickleball Club Invitation - we have been invited to join in a "meet & greet" indoor PB session in Wilmington Delaware on Saturday August 31st from 9 am to 3 pm.  Delcastle Indoor Tennis Center will have 6 to 8 courts available for their members ($10) and non-members ($15).  This includes food from 11:30 am to 1 pm.  If you are in the area or want to go up to Wilmington that day, let me know via email and I will send you the invite link -  We received this invite because we are exploring an invitational event with this club sometime in the fall - no details yet.

Monday evening indoor PB opportunity - Jim McKee, a pastor from Chapelgate Christian Academy has offered the use of their school gym for Monday evenings.  We are planning to check it out to see how many courts could be setup and work out the details.  It would be after 6:30 pm in the evening after the school programs finish. I'm interested in knowing how many members would be willing to participate in this.  The school is located on Marriotsville Road between Rt. 40 and Rt. 70.  Please use the following doodle if interested.

Monday evening indoor PB survey


HCPA Members PB Potluck Social - We are hosting our potluck social this evening at the Owen Brown Tennis Club.  Due to the light construction we may need to setup some portable nets on some tennis courts.  Please bring your finger food and your preferred beverage.  The association will supply plates, napkins, cups and utensils.  Please register with Ken Greco prior to going in; members will check their names off and non-members will pay at the desk.  Non-members can pay $10 for the evening or pay $24 for a year's membership.  Ken will be collecting the money. 

We will be dividing the courts into two skill levels - Beginners/Intermediates & Intermediates/Advanced.  Please sign a list under one of these categories so we get an idea of how many courts to assign to each category.  We intend to have two paddle lines to rotate the two groups into the courts.  Check out the white board for guidance.

Ward Horner & Steve Orr will be this evenings event coordinators; please see them if you have any questions.

Drop-in Play this Saturday morning - Due to a drop in participation we won't be using Hammond Park this weekend.  The Intermediate & Advanced (I&A) players will be playing at Locust Park.  Note - we had an issue with goose droppings so we may need to change the I&A location but that will be posted to the home screen news bar if need be.

HCPA Fall 2019 Tournament - Howard County Pickleball Association is going to be having some doubles tournaments in September 2019 that will be open to all Howard County Association members. The tournaments will be held on Saturdays starting at 1:00pm.  Planning to use the Locust Park location. The tournament will use a round robin format and having as many as 16- 20 teams per event. The games will be timed at 15 minutes. 

We will offer advanced and intermediate levels of play for each doubles event. Each team will select the level that they want to play in at the time of registration.  The categories are:

  • Advanced is 4.0 rated players
  • Intermediate is 3.0-3.5 level players

The tournament directors have the option of placing a team in either the advanced or intermediate level or discussing with the teams where they should be placed

  • Womens doubles will be held on Sept 7th
  • Mens doubles will be on Sept 14th
  • Mixed doubles will be held on Sept 21st

You need to submit your team to Joe Beitz & Steve Orr no later than the Monday before the event, we will take the first 16-20 teams and any team after that, will be on a waiting list.

  • Steve Orr:
  • Joe Beitz:

This year there will be an event for the Ice Rink players at a 2.0 to 2.5 level on Saturday Sept 28th. This event will be simply a doubles event; teams within this event can be women/women - man/man -  woman/man - all teams will be competing in the same tournament.

Cost is $10.00 per team or $5.00 per person.  Fee’s can be paid using the website Donation menu item.


Pickleball Potluck Social this Thursday 8/8 - Once again our association is hosting a Pickleball Potluck Social this coming Thursday from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Please bring some finger food to share and your preferred beverage.  We are hosting this event as a benefit for being an HCPA member; so there will be no fee for members. Non-members and guest will be requested to pay a $10 fee.  Guest can pay the fee by cash or check made out to HCPA.  We will have a sign-in table just above the stairs so members can check off their name from a master list and non-member can pay the fee.   Once again we will setup the food & drinks in the small room within the Tennis Club office due to the anticipated heat of the evening.   CA is still working on construction of the lights and it is possible a court may be impacted.  Unfortunately, the Tennis Director Maury Bozman, has no idea of the CA construction crew's schedule.   Steve Orr has been designated the event coordinator for the evening; he will be available around 5:30 pm if you have any questions.  When you leave, please give some guidance to Steve on what you would like to do with the food you bring; this will make the clean-up go easier.

Thursday evening 8/8 at Locust Park is cancelled - due to the social we are hosting, the drop-in session at LP will not take place.

All drop-in sessions times and locations can be found on the "Organized Play" menu item.  - All you need to do is login to the web and click on the menu item "Organized Play" to display a table with all days, times, locations and skill levels.  For now, due to the heat, all sessions are starting at 8 am.  Once the gyms start to return back to Pickleball, we will likely be dropping some of the week day sessions.

Member Discussion forum - remember to check the Member Discussion web page every now and then to see what your peers are talking about.  Thanks to those who provided feedback on our PB Potluck Social topic.

Congrats to our association members who won at the Howard County Pickleball Classic Tournament -  several members of our association played in the tournament and some won medals.  See our Photo section for the pictures of the winners and second runner up.  Thanks to all those who volunteered at the tournament.  From our perspective, our participation had a positive effect on the operations of the tournament.

The HCPA is seeking your assistance in the Howard County Pickleball Classic Tournament on the weekend of August 3rd and 4th. We are still looking to fill a few more spots. Volunteering to assist in the tournament will help show Howard County Recreation and Parks (HCRP) that our organization is dedicated to promoting and advancing this sport in the area. The following are the time slots that are still needed to be filled. We hope you will consider volunteering for one time period to help the organization.
730am - noon Saturday August 3rd need 3 more people 730am - noon Sunday August 4th need 3 more people
Please contact Steven Orr at to sign-up....
Thank you

Change in time at IR courts on Tues. Thurs. & Sat. - At the request of our primary volunteers, Kathy & Don, for the IR court setup on Tues. Thurs. and Saturday mornings; we are changing the time back to a 9 am start.  Attendance for the early time was low and not worth getting out so early for setup.  Please check the Organized Play page for specific times at each location.

LP resurfacing to start Monday 7/15 - Once again we will be using Thunder Hill Elementary School during the week as an alternative location for LP sessions and renting OB Tennis Club on Saturday morning while LP courts are unavailable.

Due to the fact that starting on Monday, 7/8/19, CA will be working to resurface the Locust Park courts, the association is offering the alternative location of Thunder Hill Elementary School courts for Wed. morning and Thursday evening for the next two weeks.  The Saturday session is still being planned and I will post the location once we finalize it later this week.   

Fall Trip to Ocean City - The Ocean Pines Pickleball Club has invited our association to come play with them on the third weekend of Sept, the 21st & 22nd.  Ken asked me to share the following:

The HCPA will leave on September 21st at 7 am, drive out to OP and arrive around 10 am. We will play till about 1 pm. Those who want to stay we plan to have dinner in Ocean City and stay overnight. I have found a few hotels in OC for about $100 per night. We will then play on Sunday from 10 to 1pm; then head home.  Folks that do not want to stay over night can return home on Saturday. The cost to play is $5 per person per day.

Please contact Ken via email if you need any additional information:

Sign-up for Ocean Pines Trip

CA Open House on Monday July 15th - The Owen Brown Tennis Club will be open to non-members free of charge on Monday, July 15th.  Our association will plan on conducting our Monday morning drop in at OBTC starting at 8 am and will not setup the courts at the Ice Rink that day.   Additionally, HCPA recommends a second drop in session for the association that evening starting at 5:30 pm.  It is my understanding that other CA facilities are also open to non-members that day as well.

Pickleball & Potluck Social planned for Thurs. July 11th - HCPA will be renting the Owen Brown Tennis Club Pickleball courts from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm on July 11th with the rain date of Friday July 12th.  Plan on bringing some finger food to share as well as bringing your own preferred beverage.  HCPA will supply the plates, napkins and utensils.   The previous social and annual meeting was a great success and we look forward to doing it again. 

Locust Park Resurfacing - The Locust Park tennis courts will be shut down for several weeks starting on July 8th for resurfacing and painting new lines.  Our association is working on plans to relocate the drop-in sessions.  We will be announcing these plans later once they have been finalized.

Pickleball Partner Lessons - HCPA will be partnering with Marc Austin to offer partner lessons on Sunday evening, July 21st & July 28th.  The location of the lesson will be Thunder Hill Elementary School due to the Locust Park resurfacing. Please see the following doodle for additional information and to sign-up.

Sign-up for Partner Instruction

Website Change to Forum Location - I have renamed the Forum to Member Discussion and moved it to the top level of the website menu for easier access.  This is offered to provide more member interaction.  Please check it out.


Change in Start Time - Starting on Tuesday, July 2nd, our weekday and weekend start times will change to 8 am.  We will be playing till 11 am or until folks want to quit due to the weather.  The play time will be published via the web page under the menu item "Organized Play".

Reduced PB Tutor Rental Fee - The association is offering the use of the PB Tutor for a day at $20 a day now.  Please use the request form found under the menu item "EQUIP. MGT".

Partner Instruction Offer - With a couple of tournaments coming up in August, our association in partnership with Marc Austin, PPR Certified Professional Pickleball Instructor, USAPA Ambassador & HCPA member is offering two instruction sessions to teach teams how to play as partners.  Marc believes that playing together well as partners is difficult and there are very few lessons out there to learn on the internet. People need to be taught how to play as partners as it does not come naturally and it is not intuitive.  As a result of this Marc has created and successfully implemented a special lesson to teach people how to play together as partners.  Marc proposes to offer this 2.5 hour course on Sunday evenings from 6 pm to 8:30 pm on either July 21st or July 28th.  The association will arrange for the use of our nets for the instruction. Marc is offering this coarse to association members at a reduced rate of $25 per person and will teach up to 8 teams per session.  If interested, please use the following doodle to register for the course.

Partner Instruction Registration

July 4th Pickleball Sessions - There is enough interest to play PB this Thursday morning on the 4th of July holiday.  The association has arranged for the setup of nets at both IR and LP locations - play starts at 8 am.  We hope to make this a festive event with folks sharing brunch food items.