Assoc. Shirts - The association shirts have been delivered.  Steve Orr, who coordinating this will be at the following locations next week for the pickup the shirt(s) already ordered and paid for.  If you need to send someone other than the person who ordered the shirt, please notify Steve via email  ( with the person's name..

  • Locust Park parking lot - Tuesday 8 am to 8:30 am & Thursday 6 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Oakland Mills Ice Rink parking lot - Friday 8:30 am to 9 am

Please remember to maintain social distancing and wear a mask out of respect for your fellow members.

Should there be bad weather and he has to reschedule, this will be posted to the website's home page news banner.

Revised COVID-19 Return to Play Protocol - The association has received several emails concerning our COVID-19 safeguards.  As a result, the board has updated our HCPA Return to Play Protocol document to reflect current behaviors and to promote new safety measures to maintain a low risk environment when playing our favorite game.  One of the key changes is the association's position on the use of masks.  Even though we have been promoting social distancing, we are finding that not everyone follows this direction.  To help safeguard of our members and guests we are suggesting that everyone participating in our open play sessions wear a mask: as you come to the courts, when you are not playing and when you are leaving the courts.  We believe this will help keep our members and guests more comfortable in attending these large group sessions and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.  

As of today, fortunately, we have not received any notification of any players contracting COVID-19.  However, we do request that if anyone who has played pickleball in our open sessions and does test positive for COVID-19, the association be notified so that we can share this information with anyone playing at that session with this person.  It is our way of contributing to the contract tracing effort being promoted by the CDC.  This is the primary reason for the doodle registration and the request for email address.  Session coordinators are also requesting the name and email address for anyone who attends that has not pre-registered;  so we can have a complete record of who attends.  Although we are attempting to limit the number of participants for each session with the use of the doodle, that doesn't always work.  In the end, it is up to the session coordinator to manage the number of people attending each session.   Since these session coordinators are member volunteers, please be respectful of their decisions and direction.

Monday Evening Pickleball - Our association is starting another all skill level doubles open play session on Monday evenings at Vantage Park courts.  The time will be from 6 pm to 8 pm.  The doodle for this has been posted to the Organized Play page. Dorothy Boulton will be the session coordinator.  She envisions two courts for recreation play and two courts for competitive play; provided we can secure the courts for that evening. The doodle for this session should be updated on Tuesday - watch for the updated date on the home page.

Summer Newsletter - Joanne Griesser will be publishing this sometime early August.  If anyone has any pickleball news such as any travel experiences or anything else to share please contact Joanne.  Her emails can be obtained from the Members Directory.

Update on Clinic with Sonny Tannan - Final plans are being worked out over the next several days so we should be announcing these plans in a week or so.  We are anticipating a weekday evening where two courts at Owen Brown Tennis Club will be reserved and two sessions of 8 people each (4 per court) will be scheduled per day for three weeks in August.  We will be posting further details and a sign-up sheet soon for those interested in getting this instruction.

Our association received the following announcement from Marc Austin, an HCPA member and a PPR Nationally Certified Professional Pickleball instructor working with Ho. Co. Recreation and Parks.

I am super excited to announce for the first time that Pickleball programs are now included in the just released Howard County Recreation and Parks (HCRP) fall comprehensive activity book many residents will receive in the mail.  This is a great milestone for which I am looking forward to expanding in time.  Now that HCRP has just created 23 newly painted pickleball lined courts across the county we are able to offer programs in new locations for the first time in addition to the more traditional venues through the end of this calendar year.  

In addition to the programs advertised in the fall activity book, we are also working on creating and running new and totally revamped fall pickleball leagues as well as other programs currently in the works.  More to come on those later.
The current plan is for HCRP to update their pickleball website soon to include all of these new programs and open registration open on or before 5 August.  
I am especially excited to offer the specialized clinics that I have designed myself to focus and learn a particularly important part of the game.  These are unique in this entire area and I can't wait to work with students to help develop the skills they can start using when playing. We are offering five of the ten clinics I have designed this fall, as advertised in the activity book.
Please pass this new information around to all of our members so they are aware and have the opportunity to register if interested.  
Have a great day and see you on the courts!
Marc F. Austin

Association Shirt Sale - Monday, July 20th is the last day to order shirts.  You will find the web page under the Members menu item.

COVID-19 Precautions - Please remember to continue to follow our COVID-19 Protocol guidelines.  Out of respect and consideration for other members, please continue to adhere to social distancing when waiting for a court.  That includes placement of chairs and walking to and from the courts.  Stay safe and healthy!

Wed. Evening Doubles - We will be splitting the time for the Wed. evening doubles session.  The first one will be from 4:30 pm to 6 pm and the second from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.

Singles Sessions on Monday - Duane is cancelling the singles sessions due to lack of interest.

New PB Lined Courts - Howard County Recreation and Parks have created several Pickleball Courts painted on existing courts.  The following is a list of those we are aware of:

Schooley Mill Park - 8 Courts
Hammond Park - 8 Courts
Western Regional Park - 8 Courts
Rockburn Park - 3 Courts

These are all shared courts with tennis except Rockburn Park which are shared with basketball. All locations require using portable nets.

Columbia Association Communication - The following email was sent by Sonny Tannan from Columbia Assoc.  He requested I share this with our members.

Pickleball enthusiasts-

All of us at Columbia Association (CA) hope that you and your family are staying healthy and safe. We have missed you and are very excited to welcome you back to our programs at CA! 

We have taken proactive measures, as the safety and security of our community, participants and team members is our top priority while delivering fun experiences. In the interest of everyone's safety we ask that a face mask is worn at all times within the clubs and until players start playing. Please review our "New Way To Play" Guidelines (see attached) for coaches and all players. All classes will be limited to 4 players per court to maintain safe physical distancing.  

We are offering multiple options for our Pickleball Summer 2020. We welcome both members as well as non-members to participate in our offerings. At this time, pickleball sessions will be held outdoors at Owen Brown Tennis Club and pre-registration is required for all programs. Some of our new classes include (see linked flyers):

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Looking forward to seeing you on the courts soon!

 With Optimism,

 Sonny Tannan
 PPR Certified Pickleball Professional

Sonny Tannan, a Howard County USAPA Pickleball Ambassador, has offered our Association to do a clinic for different levels of play. He will hold this event at the Owen Brown Pickleball Courts at no cost to our members. He is looking to do this in the beginning of August. The clinic would be broken down into time slots for each level of play. Each level would be limited to 8 players on two courts. We will schedule the time slots based on the responses we receive. We may have more than one time slot for a level if there are a lot of people at that rating level. We would like to identify members who would be interested in this opportunity. We would like to have you respond to your preference for a weekday evening or a weekend afternoon and your pickleball level. We realize that most of us have never been officially rated but just use the level you think you would be rated as. We would like the results by next Friday July 24 to be able to schedule the event in early August. Here is a link to a Doodle for us to collect the information we need to set this up. Choose your level of play and an evening or afternoon time period.

Last Chance to Order a HCPA T-Shirt

HCPA shirts will only be available to purchase til this Monday, July 20.  If you are interested in purchasing a shirt they can be ordered on the website under the members tab after login.

 We have selected Maroon for our shirt color this year.  We are offering both long sleeve shirts as well as t-shirts.  These will be light weight moisture wicking shirts similar to last years.  

We are continuing to use the Sport-Tek shirt  which is a very high quality polyester shirt available in a men's and lady's cut.  Sport-Tek combines classic comfort with technical fabrications for a collection of high-energy styles that are perfect for athletes, fans, teams and groups. These winning looks have innovative features like moisture management and colorfast technology so you can practice, play, cheer and, ultimately, perform your best.

NOTE:  Once you have added a shirt to your shopping cart the screen will re-display and there will be a list of your cart items at the bottom for you to add others or check-out.  You will be able to use your credit card even if you don't have a Paypal account.

Happy Independence Day! - Hope everyone enjoys the 4th of July holiday weekend.  Stay safe and maintain the CDC recommendations for everyone's safety.

Association Shirts on Sale - We are selling association shirts again this year.  You will find the purchase information on our website under the Members menu item. We have a two week window to collect the individual orders before we need to submit our total order; so we will be selling shirts till Monday, July 20th.  We have selected the color Maroon for our shirts this year, a picture of the shirt can be found on the web page. We need to have a minimum of 24 shirts ordered before we can submit the final order.

As a thank-you to our volunteers we will be emailing out a discount coupon code to those who have helped us with a variety of functions over the past year. It's a small token of appreciation for the service you provide for our members.

Website & Doodle Coverage - I will be out of town as of July 11th for a week. In my absence, Mary Pagan has agreed to cover for me with any website or doodle concerns. Please contact Mary at if you need assistance with one of these areas.