Instructional Clinics - Duane St. Clair and other Board members are currently working on an intermediate clinic in late September.  The training is in the planning stage but will focus on helping players at the intermediate level (3.0-3.5) learn some of the techniques and skills necessary to play at a higher competitive level.  We will be posting a sign-up doodle for those interested later this month.

New Player Instruction - If you know of someone who is interested in learning pickleball, have them fill out a form found under the web site menu item: Instruction.  They will be contacted by Barry Leech.

Open Play Time Changes - As the daylight starts to diminish earlier, we will be starting our evening sessions earlier.

Newsletter Contributions - Please consider sharing information with our members, such as playing pickleball while on vacation or an interesting article found.  Joanne Griesser is the newsletter editor and her contact information can be found within the Members Directory.  Please send any contributions by the end of Sept. for our fall edition.

Saturday AM Interm./Adv. Change - Due to the increase in people playing at Locust Park on Saturday morning, we are going to change our format slightly.  Starting on Sat. Aug. 29th we will be hosting two sessions, an early session from 8 am to 10 am and a late session from 10 am to 12 pm.  Duane StClair has agreed to be the volunteer coordinator for the later session working in conjunction with Tom Mauriello.  In this way we hope to offer more members the opportunity to play.  Please sign up for only one of these sessions if you intend to play at LP on Sat. morning.

Equipment Discount - Remember that Pickleball Central offers our association a 5% discount if you use the coupon code "CRHowardcounty" which is also listed under our Members / Equipment Deals web page.

Equipment Refresh - The association will be purchasing some replacement items to maintain the quality of our nets.  If you see something that you think needs to be repaired or replaced, please mention it to the session coordinator so they can pass it on to the board.

HCPA Newsletter - Summer 2020 - Our association's summer newsletter has been posted under Assoc. News within our website.  Here's the link to it as well.

HCPA Newsletter - Summer 2020

Instruction Clinics -  Sonny's free clinics was popular and filled up quickly.  Our association is working on setting up some more in the near future.  Once we figure out the details we will get back to you.

Monday 8/24's Doodle Published - Due to some travel for next week, I have posted the doodle for the following week's Monday PB session.  From now on, I will continue to publish the following Monday on Sunday mornings.

Instruction Clinics - Our free clinics were popular and filled up quickly.  We are looking into adding some additional clinics in the near future. 

Free instructional clinics - Our association in partnership with Sonny Tannan a PPR certified pickleball coach, USPA Pickleball Ambassador for Maryland and fellow HCPA member, will be offering some clinics next week to HCPA members free of charge.  These clinics are structured to three different skill levels -  Novice rating 2.0 to 2.9, Lower Intermediate rating 3.0 to 3.5 and Upper Intermediate rating 3.6 +.  The location for these sessions will be at Locust Park on Monday evening for Novice and Lower Intermediate and Friday evening for Upper Intermediate.  Each session will consist of two courts with 4 people on each court.  We are limiting the number of people via a doodle signup.  This way, Sonny can work with all participants to improve their skills.  We are requesting that each member limit their participation to one clinic only so we can offer this to as many members as possible.  We have setup the doodle to accept 10 names - 8 primary participants and 2 substitutes.  I one of the primary participants has to cancel, HCPA will notify the one of the last two people to sign up they can participate.  Otherwise, only the first eight to sign up will be attending the session.

Please follow our COVID-19 protocols and maintain social distancing and bring a mask to wear when not playing.

The clinic times and skill levels are listed on the doodle. 

Our association is grateful for this generous offer from Sonny.

Please use the following doodle to register for the appropriate clinic.

Registration for free PB instruction clinics

Assoc. Shirts - The association shirts have been delivered.  Steve Orr, who coordinating this will be at the following locations next week for the pickup the shirt(s) already ordered and paid for.  If you need to send someone other than the person who ordered the shirt, please notify Steve via email  ( with the person's name..

  • Locust Park parking lot - Tuesday 8 am to 8:30 am & Thursday 6 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Oakland Mills Ice Rink parking lot - Friday 8:30 am to 9 am

Please remember to maintain social distancing and wear a mask out of respect for your fellow members.

Should there be bad weather and he has to reschedule, this will be posted to the website's home page news banner.