Sonny Tannan, a Howard County USAPA Pickleball Ambassador, has offered our Association to do a clinic for different levels of play. He will hold this event at the Owen Brown Pickleball Courts at no cost to our members. He is looking to do this in the beginning of August. The clinic would be broken down into time slots for each level of play. Each level would be limited to 8 players on two courts. We will schedule the time slots based on the responses we receive. We may have more than one time slot for a level if there are a lot of people at that rating level. We would like to identify members who would be interested in this opportunity. We would like to have you respond to your preference for a weekday evening or a weekend afternoon and your pickleball level. We realize that most of us have never been officially rated but just use the level you think you would be rated as. We would like the results by next Friday July 24 to be able to schedule the event in early August. Here is a link to a Doodle for us to collect the information we need to set this up. Choose your level of play and an evening or afternoon time period.

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