Happy New Year!  Hope we have a better year than the last one.

New Sign Up Process - We will be making a change to our use of the SignupGenius application.  Rather than use one link for all our sign up lists, we will be resetting the link weekly.  This will require members to login to our website, go to the Organized Play web page and click on the link to access the new week's list of play sessions.  Being able to use the bookmark for the link will no longer work.  This will assist in the setup of the weekly sessions.  This will start next Sunday.  We are all going through the learning curve in using the new application, including me as I learn to administer the application.  I will continue to change the update date on the home page once the new schedule is published.

No Shows - Please remember to delete your name from the list if you can't make the session you signed up for.  Many of our members are looking to play and they would appreciate the opportunity to fill a slot if for some reason you can't make it.  The tutorial on how to delete your name from the list is posted under the Members menu item.

Unable to Sign Up - We have heard some complaints that our sign up lists are filling up quickly and people are not able to play.  This is unfortunate but necessary given our current situation with the pandemic.  Ordinarily prior to the pandemic, we would let as many people play as wanted to by just showing up.  The number of people playing would be self regulated based on how long you needed to wait for a game.  However, given the gathering limit set by the Howard County Executive and our desire to maintain a contact tracing list, we are restricting the number of people playing.  Typically, the new sign-up lists are posted on Sunday morning and it's first come first serve.  Occasionally, the list is posted at a different time on the weekend due to my availability.  The only other alternative is to setup more sessions but that requires volunteer session coordinators and their ability to coordinate with other session coordinators in the transfer of equipment. Once again, that's why it's important to delete your name from a sign up list if you are unable to play.

Friday's Session Coordinator - We have located someone to fill the Tuesday session coordinator's position but are still looking for some to cover the Friday session; as we prepare to say goodbye to Linda when she heads south for the winter.  If you would like to guarantee your playing slot for Fridays, please consider volunteering for that day's session coordinator.  The position requires the coordination with the Tuesday session coordinator to transfer equipment needed for each session.  If interested please contact Linda O'Neill or email Earl at sneeringere@gmail.com.

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