Unable to make the public hearing for new PB courts - We were informed that Howard County Recreation & Parks can not accept emails for testimony in lieu of attending the public hearing.  If you would like to provide an online testimony then please use the link listed below.   Please do not send any other emails to Bob Liz as we incorrectly advised in the previous announcement.


The following was on HCR&P's public hearing notification, found via the following link.  "Citizens are reminded that internet testimony is considered public information and is subject to the Maryland Public Information Act. Citizens who do not wish to sign up online, will still be able to sign up in person at the public hearing beginning at 6:30 PM on the night of the hearing."


This coming Monday evening at Chapelgate - I have posted the sign-up doodle for this coming Monday, 10/7, for the evening drop-in session at Chapelgate gym.  Unfortunately, we will be limiting the number of registrants to 16 due to the need to use two courts for the churches congregation instruction which we agreed to in order to have access to their gym.  You will find the doodle on the "Organized Play" page.

Additionally, we were informed by Jim McKee, the Church's Executive Pastor and a fellow association member, that the painters tape is effecting their resurfaced gym floor and we will have to stop using it.  We are in the process of acquiring a set of plastic lines and corners similar to what is used at the Glenwood Senior Center to mark the court lines.  I'm attempting to acquire these lines by Monday so we can test them out that evening.  If this impacts your desire to play at Chapelgate and you have already signed up, please send me an email to remove your name from the doodle; my email address is sneeringere@gmail.com.


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