Adjusting the Organized Play Schedule - As we move into winter and colder weather we will be adjusting our schedule and losing  some open play sessions.  At the request of the coordinator for the Late Sat. Intermediate/Advanced session, we are cancelling this session due to reduced sign-ups.  The Saturday Advanced session will be moved up to it's time slot.  Come January, we will be losing our coordinator for Tuesday and Friday sessions due to snowbirds flying south.  If other members feel the need for the continuation of these sessions, they are welcome to volunteer and weather permitting we can continue to offer these sessions.  If you would like to volunteer as a session coordinator, please contact Earl via email at

Additional Training Opportunities - Sonny Tannan, a fellow association member and Pickleball Coach, shared the following information on two indoor pickleball training camps.


3 hour Intermediate Pickleball Camp Flyer - 121120


3 hour Advanced Pickleball Camp Flyer - 121820

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