Revisions to Return to Play Protocol - Based on our experience over the last several sessions we have decided to change the format a little.  The Return to Play Protocol has been updated accordingly. We have eliminated the sign-up by court.  We are offering 1 two hour session for the first 16 people to pre-register.  The session coordinator will work with the 16 people to organize the court assignments and the desired rotation.  If you have a group that would prefer to stay on one court, please inform the session coordinator and communicate this to the other players.  The doodles are available via the Organized Play page.  Remember, you can provide your feedback or as questions via the COVID-19 Q & A Forum.  One note - please be sure to check the YES column when signing up so that your name gets registered as one of the 16 players, otherwise you won't be included in the count.

Singles Session - Duane StClair will be organizing a singles session one weekday evening in the near future.  He is currently working on how this will be conducted.  

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