Singles Play on Monday Evening - Our first session of singles play was a success.  It appears that taping off the sides to create a 16 foot wide court and a 14 foot wide court were the most popular.  We are expanding the limit of people to 10 to cover no-shows. However, please let us know if you are unable to attend so we can modify the doodle.  We have posted the new doodle for Monday 6/8 to the Organized Play web page.  Remember to login to access the Organized Play page.  

Organized Play Registration - The doodles to pre-register for the scheduled organized play on a weekly basis will be posted to the Organized Play web page.   The doodle links for doubles play will be updated by Monday morning and the doodle links for singles will be updated by Wed. morning.  There will be no email notification sent out.

Annual Meeting - Due to the COVID-19 group restrictions the association had decided to cancel the annual meeting as we typically have this time of year.  In it's stead, we will be posting a report to the website. 

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