Howard County Recreation & Parks Instruction Update

We recently received an email from Marc Austin, an association member and a certified pickleball coach, saying that his classes and clinics scheduled for July and August were included in recent advertising for Howard County Recreation and Parks.  He’s excited that his classes and clinics with HCRP are a “go” again.  Marc requests that anyone interested in attending these to please register even if the classes fill up, that way HCRP will get a better understanding of the interest from the community. Additionally, Marc is also excited to hear that his classes and clinics offered in the Fall and Winter will be included for the first time in HCRP’s large activity booklet that should be distributed soon. Marc says this is a first since generally HCRP just included class notifications on their pickleball web site.  Finally, Marc informs us that he has been working towards offering some of his classes and clinics (reduced version) via online training in working with HCRP.  They have been working together with HCRP’s film crew to do “professional” style videos of about 30 or so action videos of many skills and drills that will be part of the classes and clinics.  These are still in the works and will be released when completed. This is a first of its kind as well.

For more information on what classes and clinics are being offered along with descriptions and to register please visit the following website link and then scroll down to the "Adult Lesson's" or "Specialized Clinics".

HCRP Pickleall Website

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