Annual Meeting Alternative - As mentioned previously, we decided to forgo the annual meeting due to the COVID-19 restrictions.  As an alternative, we wrote a summary report for the year and posted it under the Members menu item on our website.  Additionally, we have included a year end Treasurer's Report also found in the same location.

Association Policies - In an effort to support transparency our board wrote up a Policy & Procedures document as well as a Code of Conduct document both of which can be accessed under the Members menu item.  The Code of Conduct offers a guide to our current members and our anticipated new members on acceptable court behavior.  These were fashioned after several other pickleball organizations around the country.

Communicating Doodle Updates - Just a reminder that you can find the update date for organized play session doodles on the Home page of our website.  I've modified it slightly to display two update dates, one for Singles and the other for Doubles since those updates happen on different days.  After you see that the weekly update took place, you can then login and go to the Organized Play web page to sign-up for one of our play sessions if you so desire.

Association Shirts - The board is wondering if there is enough interest in purchasing association t-shirts or long sleeve shirts.  These would be the same as we've done in the past with breathable material and our association logo on the front.  Here's the survey doodle:

Association Shirt Survey

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