Revised COVID-19 Return to Play Protocol - The association has received several emails concerning our COVID-19 safeguards.  As a result, the board has updated our HCPA Return to Play Protocol document to reflect current behaviors and to promote new safety measures to maintain a low risk environment when playing our favorite game.  One of the key changes is the association's position on the use of masks.  Even though we have been promoting social distancing, we are finding that not everyone follows this direction.  To help safeguard of our members and guests we are suggesting that everyone participating in our open play sessions wear a mask: as you come to the courts, when you are not playing and when you are leaving the courts.  We believe this will help keep our members and guests more comfortable in attending these large group sessions and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.  

As of today, fortunately, we have not received any notification of any players contracting COVID-19.  However, we do request that if anyone who has played pickleball in our open sessions and does test positive for COVID-19, the association be notified so that we can share this information with anyone playing at that session with this person.  It is our way of contributing to the contract tracing effort being promoted by the CDC.  This is the primary reason for the doodle registration and the request for email address.  Session coordinators are also requesting the name and email address for anyone who attends that has not pre-registered;  so we can have a complete record of who attends.  Although we are attempting to limit the number of participants for each session with the use of the doodle, that doesn't always work.  In the end, it is up to the session coordinator to manage the number of people attending each session.   Since these session coordinators are member volunteers, please be respectful of their decisions and direction.

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