Pickleball Potluck Social this Thursday 8/8 - Once again our association is hosting a Pickleball Potluck Social this coming Thursday from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Please bring some finger food to share and your preferred beverage.  We are hosting this event as a benefit for being an HCPA member; so there will be no fee for members. Non-members and guest will be requested to pay a $10 fee.  Guest can pay the fee by cash or check made out to HCPA.  We will have a sign-in table just above the stairs so members can check off their name from a master list and non-member can pay the fee.   Once again we will setup the food & drinks in the small room within the Tennis Club office due to the anticipated heat of the evening.   CA is still working on construction of the lights and it is possible a court may be impacted.  Unfortunately, the Tennis Director Maury Bozman, has no idea of the CA construction crew's schedule.   Steve Orr has been designated the event coordinator for the evening; he will be available around 5:30 pm if you have any questions.  When you leave, please give some guidance to Steve on what you would like to do with the food you bring; this will make the clean-up go easier.

Thursday evening 8/8 at Locust Park is cancelled - due to the social we are hosting, the drop-in session at LP will not take place.

All drop-in sessions times and locations can be found on the "Organized Play" menu item.  - All you need to do is login to the web and click on the menu item "Organized Play" to display a table with all days, times, locations and skill levels.  For now, due to the heat, all sessions are starting at 8 am.  Once the gyms start to return back to Pickleball, we will likely be dropping some of the week day sessions.

Member Discussion forum - remember to check the Member Discussion web page every now and then to see what your peers are talking about.  Thanks to those who provided feedback on our PB Potluck Social topic.

Congrats to our association members who won at the Howard County Pickleball Classic Tournament -  several members of our association played in the tournament and some won medals.  See our Photo section for the pictures of the winners and second runner up.  Thanks to all those who volunteered at the tournament.  From our perspective, our participation had a positive effect on the operations of the tournament.

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