Association Instruction

As an association we periodically offer introductory lessons for free on Saturday mornings after our drop-in play.  Barry Leech is in charge of this instruction.   Note:  Our free introductory lessons have begun, use the form link to register.

Barry's description of his lessons are:

The purpose of the new player sessions is twofold: First, to teach the rudiments to players unfamiliar with the game. Second, to give some tips to players beyond basic instruction, so they can become comfortable playing at drop in sessions.

Lets define WHO should be attending these sessions.

• Beginners – a beginner is someone who has NEVER played pickleball before. They are a clean slate, waiting to be taught the very basics of the game.

• Novices – a novice is someone who might have come to a lesson once or twice, but is not comfortable playing with others yet. Perhaps they can hit the ball, but they don’t know anything about court position, and they don’t understand scoring.

If you are interested in registering for these new player sessions, please use the following link and fill out the google form. 

New Player Request Form

For intermediate and advance instruction, Duane St Clair is a certified trainer and periodically offers lessons through our association.  Use the website contact page to reach out to Duane.  Note:  At this time we have no plans for intermediate or advanced instruction due to COVID-19.

Any further questions regarding association instruction, please use the contact page.

Additional Instruction Options

Columbia Association periodically offers instruction.  See their website for further information:

Howard County Recreation & Parks periodically offers instruction.  See their website for further information:

Local Instructors

The following are certified local instructors that our association is aware of in our area.   

Sonny Tannan - HCPA Member | PPR Certified Professional | USAPA Ambassador

Sonny has been coaching and playing sports since his days in college. He transitioned from coaching as a tennis pro in various tennis club's, to Nike and eventually to the sport of pickleball.  He is a Professional Pickleball Registry Certified Professional, a USA Pickleball Association Ambassador and currently instructs at the YMCA of Central Maryland in Howard County.

He welcomes every level of play to step on the court in order to learn something about their game and how to elevate it to the next level. If you have just begun to play the sport or are looking for competitive strategy and tactics for tournament level play, you will leave each lesson with at least 1 actionable item to improve your game. Feel free to reach out and connect with Sonny for a free 15 minute on the court analysis.







Marc F. Austin  |  Professional Pickleball Registry ( PPR) Certified Professional Instructor/Coach|Member, USAPA  |  Member, HPCA

Trained by Pickleball Pros Sarah Ansboury, Rob Cassidy and Mark Renneson
Instructing beginning, intermediate and advanced players
Created fun developmental lesson plans for each key aspect of the game. 
I provide private hands on instruction or do three to five hour mini camps for small groups
I personally love to teach this great game and will do all the extras to ensure each client improves their game and has a lot of fun doing it  !!







Note, it is not our intention to promote or recommend these instructors but merely to offer information to the pickleball community.