Andy Dalal


Andy's Bio

I first played pickleball in December 2019 for my dad’s 83rd birthday. He had been playing for three years prior to that and had been asking me to play with him. I said, “if you are playing this game, then it’s probably not for me.” After playing that first time, I had a chance to play a few more times before the pandemic hit. During the pandemic, our family set up a court in our driveway mostly to keep my dad engaged but soon the whole family wanted to play.  The rest is history.  I was quickly addicted, not only to the game itself, but to the community of people that I have met and associated with from all parts of the world just from playing pickleball!    Read More



Joanne Griesser

Vice President of Operations


Joanne's Bio

In 2015, I was looking for a fun way to exercise. I had heard about this game called Pickleball and thought with that crazy name it might be fun. I mentioned my aspiration to a friend, and she wanted to try it as well. The next week or so Rec and Parks advertised an intro class at Meadowbrook, and we signed up. There were no instructors or a list of rules, we just kind of hit the ball around with some wooden paddles and laughed a lot. We eventually did learn the rules and started playing real games. I still see many of the people from that class on the courts today. Read More



Earl Sneeringer

Vice President of Technology Operations & Planning

Earl's Bio

Back in the summer of 2015, while eating dinner with a couple of friends, I was asked if I heard about Pickleball.  I told my buddy that I had heard about it a couple years before but couldn’t find any place to play. He said that the Howard County Recreation & Parks were offering lessons at North Laurel and suggested we try it.  I was excited to give it a try so that fall we joined the “lessons”.  I put that in quotes because there were no lessons, it was just “here’s the paddles, a ball and the nets; go learn to play”.  I learned a lot of both good and bad habits but enjoyed it immensely; I was addicted. I asked my kids for a net that Christmas and intended to play in my driveway or in parking areas.  Luckily the Columbia Association (CA) was starting to offer pickleball at the Wilde Lake Tennis Club and I met a lot of similarly addicted players.    Read More


Ken Billingsley


Ken's Bio

I am a 2020 Covid-convert to Pickleball.  I started playing at Atholton Park after a game of tennis (with racquetball friends).  After the first week I purchased the same paddle set everyone else had from Amazon, and two weeks later upgraded to the Costco set of paddles.  I soon joined the HCPA to find more opportunities to play around the county.    Read More



Patty Guzman


Patty's Bio

I grew up in New Hampshire, and moved to Maryland in 1982, where I began a career with the US Government. For many years, I concentrated on work and raising a family, but in 2016 I saw an NBC news clip about pickleball and decided to give it a try. 

Things moved slowly at first. But after I retired in 2018, I began to play A LOT! Like many of us, pickleball served as an excellent form of exercise and socialization during the pandemic. Read More


Andree Cates

At Large Board Member

Andree's Bio

I played tennis in college and well into my 40’s both recreationally and formerly on teams with USTA. After I changed my career to teaching science I quit playing tennis, so instead I would “occasionally” run and workout in the gym. For me that became monotonous and not very enjoyable. So then what? Biking – better for my feet and back. But still something was missing. I wanted to play a sport so I returned to tennis only to discover that I did not like tennis after all. Read More


Troy Osten

At Large Board Member

Troy's Bio

In July 2021 I went to my hometown, St. Petersburg, FL for my nephew’s wedding. While in town, I met with a few high school friends and got invited to play. As a former racquetball player, I was immediately hooked! St Pete was awesome since they have dedicated and lighted courts at every County Park. I was amazed at how many folks would show up at 7 AM for pickup games.    Read More