Our association received the following announcement from Marc Austin, an HCPA member and a PPR Nationally Certified Professional Pickleball instructor working with Ho. Co. Recreation and Parks.

I am super excited to announce for the first time that Pickleball programs are now included in the just released Howard County Recreation and Parks (HCRP) fall comprehensive activity book many residents will receive in the mail.  This is a great milestone for which I am looking forward to expanding in time.  Now that HCRP has just created 23 newly painted pickleball lined courts across the county we are able to offer programs in new locations for the first time in addition to the more traditional venues through the end of this calendar year.  

In addition to the programs advertised in the fall activity book, we are also working on creating and running new and totally revamped fall pickleball leagues as well as other programs currently in the works.  More to come on those later.
The current plan is for HCRP to update their pickleball website soon to include all of these new programs and open registration open on or before 5 August.  
I am especially excited to offer the specialized clinics that I have designed myself to focus and learn a particularly important part of the game.  These are unique in this entire area and I can't wait to work with students to help develop the skills they can start using when playing. We are offering five of the ten clinics I have designed this fall, as advertised in the activity book.
Please pass this new information around to all of our members so they are aware and have the opportunity to register if interested.  
Have a great day and see you on the courts!
Marc F. Austin

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