Our association has made arrangements for two different indoor playing opportunities for our members. The first is on Sunday afternoons at the Howard County Community College (HCC) and the second on Monday and Thursday evenings at the Laurel Woods Elementary School. Both are well received and appreciated.

The association is renting the HCC gym for two hours on Sundays for 8 weeks. We can use some of the existing lines in the gym along with some taped lines and we can setup three courts. We offered this to the first 18 people to register and we were successful in filling those slots. We also offer opportunities to substitute when someone can't make it asking for a $5 donation. HCC has graciously offer us the gym and half the cost due to our non-profit status. They have been very accommodating and the participants have enjoyed the new venue.  Lew Lorton was kind enough to take some pictures on Feb. 11th; check out the slide show below.

The association is also working with the Howard County Board of Education to use some of the smaller gyms not take by basketball leagues for our evening pickleball sessions on Monday and Thursday nights. The gyms are small but we can fit a standard court in the bigger gym and a smaller court in the smaller auxiliary gym. One drawback is that when the schools are closed for inclement weather, we can't play there that evening. Nevertheless, it's giving our members an alternative location for those who can't play during the day.