Taking the opportunity to play pickleball on the July 4th Holiday, many of our members gathered at the CA tennis courts behind the Oakland Mills Ice Rink to get a early start to the day.  Duane setup an early morning session from 8 am to 10 am to allow people to attend other events during the day.  Thanks for Duane and Jan for setting up for some breakfast treats and for organizing a drawing for a gift card for a restaurant.  People had brought various fruit dishes and Jan setup a red, white and blue cake.   Duane organized a contest and had everyone record their top scores for the first four games and then total the number.  Each person then picked a number from a bowl of mixed numbers and using those two numbers subtracting the lowest number from the highest number gave everyone a random number to play with.  Those under 10 were identified and at one point it looked like a tie between Earl Sneeringer and Keith Brewster who both got one point.  Duane was all set for a tie breaker when he learned that Kevin Hall had the number zero and won the contest.  Duane wanted to see how the tie breaker worked so he got Earl and Keith to see how long they could keep a pickleball bouncing in the air with a pickleball paddle.  Earl won the tie breaker.   It was a beautiful morning and everyone enjoyed the event.