Mike O'Rourke's May 2018 review of the Gamma Twister paddle

"I was pleased to have an opportunity to try a new paddle, the Gamma Twister, generously provided by Pickleball Central. A first impression of the Twister paddle is that it is significantly narrower than the typical paddle. However, the face of the Twister, in fact, is about 7½” wide – only slightly less than the 8” width of the typical paddle. The slight reduction in width had no effect on my play. The paddle’s weight of 7.6oz seemed a good match for my playing ability and my playing strategy that tries to emphasize control over power hits. The paddle’s handle has a soft, well ventilated, high-friction rubber wrap that contributes to control and comfort. A nice touch is an elastic band in addition to the usual tape to secure the rubber wrap at the top of the handle. One reservation: Some players preferred a slightly longer handle. The paddle’s light weight should meet the requirements of a broad group of pickleball players from beginner to intermediate and beyond. For my level of play, the paddle contributed to controlled side-line shots and its light weight supported quick-response returns from the no-volley line. The “hidden” qualities of the Twister paddle are backed up by the manufacturer’s one-year warranty. Additional information on the Gamma Twister is available at http://pickleballcentral.com/Gamma_Pickleball_Paddles_s/260.htm "