Our second Annual Opening Day for the Howard County Pickleball Association was another success with some growing pains.  Due to the unusually warm weather, we got an early start with setup around 8:30am and play at 9am.  Thanks to those who setup the courts.  Once again we setup a table for people’s contributions to our snack table and we received various breakfast and snack contributions. Thanks to all those who brought out the goodies to share.  Due to the number of participants, we setup the games for 9 points so we could rotate more people on to the court.  Although this helped, we still felt overcrowded.  Rob Schmidt volunteered to scout out the Thunder Hill courts as an overflow area but there were tennis players on those courts.  He then went to Atholton Park and found they were empty so we sent 13 players over to the Atholton which helped reduce the number of players. The association hung out our banner and offered our brochures to anyone new.  The new color shirts were handed to those who ordered them. The association recognizes the strain on the Oakland Mills courts and will be working on alternative locations.  Overall the day was beautiful and it appears that everyone enjoyed the competition and socializing. 

The following is a video filmed at the beginning of the event.