The first day of the Ladder League and Open Play at the ice rink courts took place this past Saturday.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with setup and running the sessions.

My apologies for members who tried to use the website for the last week or so and got error messages and could not access the site.  As webmaster, I have been struggling to correct this and I believe I finally figured out how to resolve the issue.  Keep your fingers crossed that my solution worked and the website will remain up and running.

In order to coordinate participation at various planned activities, HCPA will be posting the doodles on our website and updating them by Sunday or Monday for you to communicate your intentions.   The following provides a list of the doodle locations.

If you plan to participate in the weekday sessions at the Owen Brown Tennis Club on weekday afternoons, please use the doodle to sign-up as a courtesy to others so people have an idea of who will be at that location.  Use the menu item Members / Weekday Play.  Given that this is a new approach for our weekday play times, if you would like to communicate your feedback, please send me an email to

If you would like to sign-up for next Saturday's Ladder League as a substitute, please use the menu item Leagues / Substitute Sign-up.

We are extending our indoor weekday night sessions and have added another school cafeteria, Phelps Luck ES, since we lost Burleigh Manor MS.  To sign-up for an indoor session, please use the menu item Members / Weekday Night Play.  Please note that if we don't get enough people to sign-up for a weekday night session, we will cancel the play and note it on the doodle.

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