At this time we have only a few members sign up for the full sessions at HCC.  We are thus looking for substitutes for this coming Sunday's Pickleball session.  Some of these members can't make it and so they will be added to the number of subs needed as well.   We need 12 substitutes for this Sunday's PB play.  We are planning to use a doodle for weekly sign-up on the number of slots we need to fill.  The following link is the doodle to register for Sunday 1/13 Pickleball at HCC, play time is from 2pm to 4pm and we will have 3 courts setup.

Some of our members designated the desire to substitute rather than commit for the full session.  Please use this doodle to register for this week's PB session.  Once we have all 12 substitutes the doodle will no longer take names.  

Those who sign up, please use the website's donation tab to pay the $8 fee for the day.

I intend to post the weekends substitute doodle each Friday morning.

If you have registered to play and find you can't make it, please send an email to me as soon as possible so I can look for an alternative substitute: 

I will be working with some volunteers to setup the nets and line the courts prior to 2pm, however, I will not be able to stay and play due to a previous commitment.  Duane will be in attendance and can answer any questions should they arise.

Thanks,  Earl

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