Our Association has worked very hard to promote the growth of pickleball courts in Howard County.   We have had success in doing this but now we have the best opportunity to add a significant number of new pickleball courts.   Howard County Recreation and Parks (HCR&P) have tentative plans to add some additional courts within our county.  HCR&P have set up a public hearing meeting for public reaction to their proposed development of additional pickleball courts at Atholton Park, Centennial Park and Rockburn Park as per the following sign posted at various parks. 

The meeting will be at the Recreation and Parks headquarters at 7120 Oakland Mills Road, Columbia on Wednesday, October 16th at 7 pm.  We need as many members as possible to attend wearing their Association T-shirts or carrying their pickleball paddles. There will be some people attending this meeting opposing the addition of the pickleball courts because it will require re-purposing some tennis, skate and basketball spaces.  To do this re-purposing to pickleball facilities HCR&P will be looking at numbers attending this meeting.   We need to show up in great enough numbers to overcome any opposition to their plans.  When you sign in you will need to give your address so they understand where the public comes from.  Therefore, it is important that we have members from the communities close to where the new courts will be located.  If you can't attend the meeting you can still assist by sending an email supporting the development of the courts to Robert Linz, Acting Chief of Capital Projects for Recreation and Parks at: 


Below is a link to a Doodle to give us an idea of how many people plan to attend the meeting or sending an email.

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