Planning for the future - This year has been challenging in that we as an Association have not been able to implement much of what we had planned in our Howard County Pickleball Master Plan. As we move forward in the new year with the expectation that life will hopefully resume some normalcy, we would like to reach out to our members on a goal we would like to begin pursuing.

As our Association has grown to over 300 members and the growth of pickleball has been snowballing in our area we would like to begin planning for the creation of Howard County pickleball complex.  The exact size of a complex is undetermined, but it should be large enough to hold county, state, and regional tournaments.  Complexes that host these types of events are generally in the 16-20 court range.

We recognize that considerable resources will need to be identified and obtained to make this plan a reality.  We also recognize that as an Association it will take a significant amount of time and effort on our part to push this effort ahead.  Our experience in the past few years has shown us that waiting for some other entity in our area to create this type of complex may again leave us frustrated.  Because of this reality, we are organizing a committee to explore how to accomplish this project.  We are asking members to join other fellow members in exploring the opportunities to create such a complex.  Many aspects must be explored, and many resources have to be identified.  We are looking for members with experience in generating business plans, local land engineering experience, commercial real estate, fund raising, and investment contacts. If you would like to be a part of this effort please email me at 

Link to Master Plan

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