Planned event for Nov. 9th -

Ho Co Pickleball Association will be sponsoring an event on Saturday November 9th at two different venues- The event will be a random draw doubles event with entrants individually signing up for either advanced or intermediate play. The venue for where play will be for each event has yet to be determined. You will be partnered with a player randomly on each round of play. 
We can accommodate 16 + players at each event and there will be numerous games of 15 minutes each with each individual players total points be recorded. An additional 5 points will be awarded to the two individuals that win that specific game.
The top 4 point winners will go into the Finals.
To enter either event- please email both  Steve Orr and Joe Beitz and  indicate which event you would like to play in- Advanced or intermediate. This is a chance for anyone to play in the advanced as this is a fun event and not a tournament.

Steve Orr-

Joe Beitz -

Cost is $5.00 per player- 
Start time will be- 10.00
Warm up time will be approximately 30 minutes prior.
If you are available to volunteer to assist with the event, please contact Steve & Joe.
If you have any questions, please let both Steve and Joe know
Wednesday Evening Drop-in for Oct. - I have a volunteer who is willing to bring nets and setup for Wed. evening drop-in sessions from 4 pm to 6 pm (or dark).  I am attempting to gauge the interested from our PB community.  This would be all skill levels.
Please use the following doodle to show your interest.

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