Tino's Restaurant Today - This was the day we were to have our fundraiser. To support Tino's we are asking members to support them today with a takeout or delivery. We are not asking that they donate this year. If you order today, let them know you are a member of the Association.  This is our way to show our support for them.

Website Password Reset - We are currently experiencing a technical issue with the website's password reset form.  The problem is that the form doesn't allow for the entry of a new password.  Earl is currently working on the issue with support technicians and will hopefully resolve it soon.  However, if you need to revise your password, please notify Earl and he will revise it for you and then email the new password.  You should be able to revise it after logging in on the first screen with your profile information.

Inclement Weather - Should one of our scheduled open play dates need to be cancelled due to inclement weather, please see the banner on the website's Home page.  We will post it there once we have made that decision. 

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